Student Stipends

For 2019 we have (potentially) available two sources of stipends for students: The general fund for RWC stipends from the IACR/RWC Committee, and (hopefully) a fund from the NSF for US students. The two funds will be administered by our Scholarship Secretary (Tom Shrimpton).

IACR/RWC and NSF Awards

Requests should be made by November 1, 2018. Initial support decisions will be made by November 12th, 2018. Requests can be made after November 1, but they will not be considered until after the initial support decisions are made. All requests must be accompanied by a short email from an advisor or supervisor that supports and justifies the request; plus a statement from the applicant as to why they deserve an award to attend the conference. Applicants should be aware that we do not usually fund all of an awardees attendance costs. Thus an applicant is likely to also need to supplement the funds from other sources.

Our NSF award allows us to support US-based young researchers (usually PhD students). We strongly encourage US-based women and members of other historically under-represented groups to request support.

The IACR/RWC support will be used for non-US based young researchers; as US based young researchers will be supported by the NSF award.

The award will usually cover the cost of registration, and a limited amount of travel and hotel costs. The exact amount being dependent on the rough distance from San Jose of the applicant.

Please contact Tom Shrimpton to request financial support to attend the conference.