RWC 2021

Jan 11-14 2021


Call for Invited Talks Proposals

Submission Instructions

The contributed talks committee invites talk proposals to be considered for presentation at the symposium.

The main criteria for acceptance are whether the committee believes that the proposed talk will be of interest to the RWC audience and whether the talk will be good. This audience typically has broad interests across all areas of real world cryptography, including (but not limited to):
  • new applications of cryptography
  • novel cryptographic constructs and solutions for real-world problems
  • cryptographic deployment challenges
  • making cryptography work for users
  • social and political aspects of cryptography.
Talk proposals on purely theoretical concerns are unlikely to be accepted to RWC; there are other excellent IACR venues for work of this type.

As RWC does not have formal proceedings, we accept contributed talk proposals which correspond to papers that are under submission or already published elsewhere.

Important Dates

Sept 1st 2020

Contributed Talks Submission Deadline: 23:59 UTC

Nov 1st 2020

Contributed Talks Notification

Nov 1st 2020

Final Deadline for Affiliated Events

Jan 11-14 2021

Conference dates

You are strongly encouraged to read our advice on submitting a talk proposal.

Submission Format

Submissions must comply with the following rules:

  • Submissions can be full papers (but with a maximum 10 pages), abstracts (maximum 2 pages), or the expected presentation slides.
  • Submissions must be provided in pdf format.
  • Submissions must be non-anonymous.
  • Submissions must clearly specify which author will give the talk. The author identified commits to present the talk at the conference.
  • The submission should provide sufficient detail to explain what the talk will be about.
Submissions that violate any of the above rules will be rejected.

Conflict of Interest Policy:

A reviewer has a conflict in reviewing a paper if he or she is a co-author on the paper, has a student-advisor relationship with one of the authors, or is a close collaborator, friend, or family member of one of the authors. See the IACR Policy on Conflicts of Interest for further details.

Author Notification

We plan to notify authors of decisions by 1st November 2020. Please note that submitters will not be provided with formal reviews of their talk proposals.

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