RWC 2022

April 13–15, 2022


2021-12-15 Corona virus update: RWC 2022 POSTPONED

Dear RWC community,

Yesterday the Dutch government announced that the current measures to control corona-virus infections will remain in place until January 14, 2022. For details of this announcement see this press release of the Dutch government. Additionally, there is a serious risk that with increasing spread of the omicron variant of the corona virus infection numbers will go up despite these measures and that even stricter rules will be implemented, soon.

Given this information, it is clear that it will be impossible to hold RWC 2022 in Amsterdam in January the way we would want to hold the event and it may well be impossible to hold an event like RWC in Amsterdam in January at all. However, we also see large numbers of registrations for in-person participation, so clearly there is a large demand for meeting again with the community not just virtually, but face to face.

We therefore decided to postpone RWC 2022 to April 13–15, 2022 as a hybrid event in Amsterdam in the hope that by then the number of corona infections is under control and measures have been relaxed.

Registrations for RWC 2022 will remain valid, but if you would like to cancel your registration, or change a registration for remote participation to a registration for in-person participation or vice versa, please reach out to the organizers by e-mail to For now we closed the registration system, but we will re-open registration in January.

RWC 2022 will take place as a hybrid event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 13–15, 2022. By hybrid event we mean that remote attendance will be possible both for presenters and attendees; details about remote attendance will follow later. RWC 2022 is organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR).

Important Dates

Sept 1st 2021

Contributed Talks Submission deadline.

Oct 31st 2021

Student Stipend Request Deadline

Nov 1st 2021

Contributed Talks Notification

Apr 13th 2022

Conference begins

Invited Speakers

Andrew Knox and James Reyes


Michael Kleber and Charlie Harrison

Google Chrome

Mallory Knodel


Pratyush Mishra


Meltem Sonmez


Howard Wu