RWC 2022

April 13–15, 2022


Affiliated Events

IACR is soliciting proposals for affiliated events to be held in conjunction with RWC 2022. Each such event is expected to provide a forum discussing a specific topic of the broad cryptographic world (theory, practice, implementation, standardizations, etc.). The format of the event (e.g., workshop, tutorial, etc.) is up to the organizers.

RWC 2022 Affiliated Events

Workshop on Constructive Side-Channel Analysis and Secure Design (COSADE 2022)

Right before RWC, on April 11 and 12, the Workshop on Constructive Side-Channel Analysis and Secure Design (COSADE 2022) will be held in Leuven, Belgium – about 2.h hours by train from Amsterdam.

Side-channel analysis (SCA) and implementation attacks have become an important field of research and a real threat. In order to enhance the resistance of cryptographic and security critical implementations within the design phase, constructive attacks and analyzing techniques may serve as a quality metric to optimize the design and development process. Since 2010, COSADE provides an international platform for researchers, academics, and industry participants to present their work and their current research topics.

Post-Quantum Networks Workshop (PQNet)

In the week after RWC, on April 19 and 20, the Post-Quantum Networks Workshop (PQNet) will be held as a virtual event.

The past years have witnessed the advances of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) as part of the on-going NIST competition in order to provide protection against quantum adversaries. But, one of the most challenging aspects that we are currently facing is how to integrate these algorithms into the networks, protocols and systems that we use today.
The Post-Quantum and Networks workshop serves to bring together the industry, academia and standardization bodies to think about the task of integrating post-quantum algorithms to networks and systems we use today. It aims to think around it from an efficiency, usability, deployability, and privacy perspective. It aims to highlight the importance and challenges of deploying these algorithms into real-world networks, as well as of standardizing these complex cryptographic protocols.

Call for Affiliated Events

Affiliated events should be scheduled right before or right after RWC and should ideally be held in or close to Amsterdam. The dates of affiliated events must not overlap with the dates of RWC. Proposals for events should be submitted by email to the affiliated-events chair Veelasha Moonsamy by Nov 1st 2021 at the latest.

As RWC is a lighttouch organized event, each affiliated event is responsible for organizing its own

The RWC organizers will however provide web publicity for your event and promote it to the RWC attendees.

Information to Submitters

The proposal submitters need to identify a topic and decide on the format, and upon acceptance coordinate the program/speakers.

Costs (for example, costs of the program, reimbursements to invited speakers, room bookings, internet, teas/coffees, or printing proceedings) fall into the responsibility of the individual organizers of affiliated events.

The organizers of the accepted affiliated events are expected to maintain an updated website (which will be linked from the RWC 2022 website), containing all relevant information for participants.

Submission Format for Affiliated Event Proposals

Proposals for affiliated events should include the following information in this order:

  1. Name (and possible acronym) of the event
  2. Names and contact information of the organizers
  3. Which date
  4. Which location have you booked
  5. A proposed format (workshop with submitted/invited talks, tutorial, panel, etc.) and potential speakers (if applicabl
  6. Abstract summarizing the proposed event and its justification
  7. In the case of a submission process:
  8. Estimated number of attendees total and an expected number of student attendees
  9. List of specific potential attendees (not complete, and no commitment) – This will help coordinate timing of events t
  10. A one-paragraph biographical sketch for each organizer, describing relevant qualifications, including research and co
  11. Information of previous similar events (incl. organizational information such as attendance number), if applicableLink to draft website (if exists)

A file (preferably in PDF format) containing all the above information should be sent to Veelasha Moonsamy by the submission deadline.

Important Dates

1 Nov 2021

Submission deadline for proposals

1 Dec 2021

Notification of decision

For any questions please contact the affiliated event chair:

Veelasha Moonsamy
Digital Security Group
Radboud University
The Netherlands