RWC 2023

March 27-29 2023

Tokyo, Japan

Co-located Events

Real World Post Quantum Cryptography – RWPQC 2023

Right before RWC, on March 26, the Workshop on Real World Post Quantum Cryptography (RWPQC 2023) will be held in Ariake Hall.

Our aim is to bring together the industry, academia and standardization bodies to think about the tasks we will encounter ahead of integrating post-quantum algorithms to the networks and systems we use today. Our aim will be informed by sharing knowledge about the latest advances of cryptanalysis, the state of different algorithms, and implementation concerns. This is the first time an event of this magnitude is being held: we believe it is very important to start organizing around this topic now as we begin to face the challenges of migrating our systems to post-quantum cryptography.

The 2nd Annual conference on Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Also right before RWC, on March 26, the 2nd Annual conference on Fully Homomorphic Encryption will be held in Bellesalle Onarimon Tower. is a community of researchers and developers interested in advancing Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) and other secure computation techniques. The 2nd Annual Conference is affiliated with Real World Crypto 2023 and will be held at the Bellesalle Onarimon Tower in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday, March 26, 2023. Join us for a full day of interesting presentations, invited talks, poster presentations, and our very own after-party event.

Open Source Cryptography Workshop

Right after RWC, on March 30, the Open Source Cryptography Workshop will be held in Plaza Heisei, Conference Room 1.

The focus of the workshop will be on open source cryptographic libraries and projects (ranging from implementations to tooling), with "open source" being the cornerstone of the workshop, with attention given to the challenges surrounding the production, maintenance and usage of open source cryptographic software. We hope to gather participants and speakers to discuss a variety of subjects, including but not limited to:

The morning of the workshop will be comprised of talks from experts in academia and industry, and in the afternoon there will be a tutorial dedicated to open source cryptography.

Randomness Summit 2023

Also right after RWC, on March 30, the Randomness Summit 2023 will be held in Plaza Heisei, Media Hall.

The Randomness Summit is about all things related to Randomness and how it sometimes fails, or doesn’t in practice. Part of the organising team is working on a practical randomness system, called drand (which stands for distributed randomness).
With this workshop, we would like to raise awareness about this open source project, but also interact with the academic and industry research communities to expand the applicability of drand and improve its resilience, so that it becomes the de facto randomness service of choice for the Cryptography community. Ultimately, together with the audience we want to identify the limitations of current solutions and explore where the divide between usability limitations vs research breakthroughs lies.
During this workshop, we plan to have a few prominent speakers in the field of cryptography talking about their latest work related to Randomness and cryptography at large, but we also plan to have interactive sessions with the audience. Depending on the final line-up, we are considering giving a tutorial on the specifics of drand and other randomness services to open up the discussion around existing, practical systems that build on previous research that came out of venues such as RWC.